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ASE SM 5 stands out as a high-performance plastering machine designed for efficient pumping and spraying tasks. Its cutting-edge design includes an advanced body and automation system, enhancing precision and productivity in plastering applications. This machine represents a reliable choice for professionals seeking superior performance and streamlined processes.


  • The ASE SM 5 PREMIUM excels in handling ready-mixed dry plaster, ensuring a seamless application process. Designed for optimal performance, this machine guarantees consistent plaster quality, making it the go-to choice for professionals aiming for impeccable finishes in construction projects.

  • Adept at blending various plaster mixes. Its advanced engineering ensures a uniform consistency, optimizing the application process. For professionals seeking top-tier results with diverse plaster compositions, this machine is an invaluable asset.



Conventional plaster

Conventional plaster provides smooth, high-quality wall surfaces ideal for both residential and commercial applications.


Exterior render

Exterior render enhances a building’s aesthetics and protects it from the elements, combining beauty and functionality in architectural design.

Cement plaster

Gypsum plaster is a versatile construction material widely used for wall finishing. It provides durability and a smooth surface.

Lime render

Lime render is a traditional plaster applied to the external surfaces of stone or brick buildings, offering breathability and a decorative finish.

Frequently Asked Question

The ASE SM 5 is a superior performance ready-mixed plastering machine designed for pumping and spraying applications after homogenously mixing any gypsum- or cement-based ready-mixed dry mixture materials continuously and fully automatically.

The ASE SM 5 is the most preferred model by professional masters and is the best-selling ready-made plaster pump due to its economical and efficient nature, advanced body, and automation system.

The ASE SM 5 has a pumping capacity of 25 l/min, a pumping pressure of 30 bar, a power supply of 380 V, 50 Hz, and a pumping motor of 5.50 kW. It can convey up to a distance of 50 m and has a compressor capacity of 0.9 kW, 250 l/min.

The ASE SM 5 can be used for all pumpable ready-mixed dry mortars such as gypsum plasters, lime-gypsum plasters, exterior plaster, cement renders, lime plasters, cement-lime plaster, masonry mortar, and many more.

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