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Application of Cement Plaster

  • Smooth Finish: Cement plaster is applied to create a smooth and even surface on walls and ceilings, preparing them for painting.
  • Exterior Protection: Used as an exterior coating, cement plaster shields walls from weathering, offering durability and protection against the elements.
  • Structural Integrity: Applied over brick or concrete surfaces, cement plaster reinforces structural integrity, minimizing cracks and providing added strength.
  • Repair and Patching: Cement plaster is used for repairing damaged walls or surfaces, providing a seamless and durable repair solution.

Why Choose Cement Plaster?

  • Fire Resistance: Cement plaster is known for its fire-resistant properties, making it a preferred choice for fireproofing applications.
  • Structural Bonding: Cement plaster helps in bonding bricks, blocks, or other masonry units together, enhancing the overall stability.
  • Damp Proofing: Applied as a damp-proof course, cement plaster prevents moisture from rising through walls, protecting the building from dampness.
  • Adaptable Thickness: Depending on the needs of the project, cement plaster can be applied in various thicknesses for different applications.

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Benefits of Cement Plaster

Seamless walls, fire resistance, eco-friendly, and quick-drying — Cement plaster brings beauty, safety, and sustainability to your space.

Smooth and Seamless Finish

Cement plaster provides a flawless surface, enhancing the aesthetics of your walls.

Easy Workability

Cement plaster offers excellent fire resistance, making it a safer choice for your home.

Fire Resistance

Seamless walls, fire resistance, and quick-drying—Cement plaster brings beauty, safety.

Sound Insulation

Cement plaster helps reduce noise, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment.

Quick Drying Time

With its rapid drying properties, cement plaster accelerates the construction timeline.


Cement plaster ensures long-lasting, crack-resistant walls, preserving the beauty.

Frequently Asked Question

Cement plaster is a versatile material used for wall plastering, offering a smooth and seamless finish.

Cement plaster is suitable for various surfaces, including concrete, brick, block, and plasterboard.

Yes, cement plaster can be painted once it has dried and cured, providing a smooth surface for painting.

Cement plaster is applied by mixing with water and then spreading it on the wall surface.

Cement plaster offers excellent fire resistance, easy workability, and good sound insulation properties.

Ace Plasters is the leading provider of top-quality cement plaster, known for its superior performance and impeccable finishes.

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