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ASE SM 5 is a superior-performance plastering machine enabling pumping and spraying applications. It has an advanced body & automation system.


ASE VP 500 TMK is a highly efficient screw pump that enables pumping and spraying applications. It makes it possible to apply any on Cement


Saten Finishing Plaster is suitable for thin-layer application on interior surfaces. It has high strength and adhesion features .

Alcibay Spray Plaster

Spray plaster can be directly applied on materials such as bricks, concrete, aerated concrete, etc. It offers easy usage, high strength.

Cement Plastering Machine (ASE SM 5)

The ASE SM-5 Premium sets the standard in plastering efficiency with its adjustable pumping capacity and formidable 5.50 kW motor.

Its expansive 50-meter reach and substantial 150-liter hopper capacity ensure continuous operation, enhancing job site productivity.

Optimized for professional use, the ASE SM-5 Premium delivers precision and ease, solidifying its status as the go-to machine for quality plastering results.

Gypsum Plastering Machine ( ASE VP 500 TMK)

The VP 500 TMK/DHS is a diesel-hydraulic-driven screw pump designed for economic and efficient mixing, pumping, and spraying applications. It’s ideal for use with a variety of materials, including dry pre-mixed and wet mortars.

With its superior performance, the VP 500 TMK/DHS also features a highway permission certificate, automatic lubrication, and a high-pressure washing system, enhancing its functionality and user convenience on the job site.


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Benefits of Plastering Machine

Streamline Your Plastering Process: Discover the Key Benefits of Utilizing a Plastering Machine

Smooth and Seamless Finish

Gypsum plaster provides a flawless surface, enhancing the aesthetics of your walls.

Easy Workability

Gypsum plaster offers excellent fire resistance, making it a safer choice for your home.

Fire Resistance

Seamless walls, fire resistance, and quick-drying—Gypsum plaster brings beauty, safety.

Sound Insulation

Gypsum plaster helps reduce noise, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment.

Quick Drying Time

With its rapid drying properties, gypsum plaster accelerates the construction timeline.


Gypsum plaster ensures long-lasting, crack-resistant walls, preserving the beauty.

Frequently Asked Question

The ASE SM-5 Premium is highly versatile, designed to handle a variety of plasters, including both cement-based and gypsum-based materials, making it suitable for a wide range of construction needs.

This machine excels in its reach, offering a maximum conveying distance of up to 50 meters, which allows for efficient plastering over large areas without the need for relocating the machine frequently.

Yes, with its robust construction and high output capacity, the ASE SM-5 Premium is an excellent choice for large-scale construction projects where efficiency and speed are critical.

The VP 500 TMK stands out due to its diesel-hydraulic drive system and tilt mixer, which provide exceptional mixing and pumping performance for a variety of mortars, enhancing both efficiency.

Absolutely, the VP 500 TMK is engineered to handle ready-mixed dry and wet mortars, as well as pumpable mortars prepared on-site, offering great flexibility.

The machine is equipped with an automatic lubrication system and a high-pressure washing system, which not only simplifies the cleaning process but also ensures that the machine can be maintained in optimal condition with minimal effort.

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